The Miller Turner Business Model places our stakeholders at the centre of our business.

We take a professional approach to every aspect of our projects from origination and design, through finance, planning and consultation to delivery and successful operations. Our standards have been developed to comply with the most exacting requirements of investors, local and national government and environmental protection policy.

There are 4 key values that underpin Miller Turner’s approach to business:


Our business partners are at the center of our business and our approach is to adapt to their business objectives and technical requirements.

We structure transactions and divest at different stages during the investment life cycle in response to the needs of our investors.

Our chosen funding providers specialise in both energy and infrastructure finance and work with us to resolve the challenges of these complex transactions.

Investor operators benefit from best in class turnkey projects that are designed and built to their precise specifications.

Contractors enjoy a constructive and professional management approach that acknowledges their goals and constraints.


Our reputation is our most important asset so we adhere to the most rigorous standards in design, planning, construction, operation and financing.

Starting with site selection, we take a scientific approach using comprehensive technical and market orientated techniques – this gives our stakeholders the initial confidence they need to commence project development with us. Our design, planning, construction and operational partners are leaders in their respective fields and who set new standards in industry best practice.


We believe in enhancing the economic wellbeing of communities whilst protecting their environment – we prioritise these two drivers at all stages of development. Our energy projects deliver greener, sustainable energy to local consumers supporting current and future regional economic development.

Our data center developments seek innovative ways to improve efficiency as well as lowering the requirement for carbon sourced energy during operations.


Delivering successful projects is tough, so we are determined and committed. Our long history and broad experience means we have encountered many of the challenges and obstacles and have developed the resourcefulness to overcome them. Throughout the process, we remain optimistic and positive, bringing an enthusiastic commitment to delivery.