Miller Turner develops high quality infrastructure assets across a range of sectors including Energy, Data Centers and Property.

Miller Turner also makes associated investments in complementary start-up activities where our experience and expertise can support rapid and sustainable growth leading to increased shareholder value.

Infrastructure Assets

Asset Management

Water Abstraction

Miller Turner owns substantial water abstraction licenses and associated properties at two of the highest quality mineral water sources in England. We are working with key partners in the bottling, brewing and functional drinks sectors to best utilise these licenses in the fastest growing industries in the food and drinks sector.

Associated Investments

Miller Turner invests seed capital in ventures which are aligned with its core development activities. These participations although diverse and far-reaching, are always with an eye to future industry developments as the worlds of technology and traditional infrastructure converge.

Our investments have included Machine Learning for the Renewable Energy industry, Water Purification systems in the developing world and property measurement software. Each of these examples share a clear link with the experience and expertise gained from our core infrastructure development activities.